Tadkin Gel Pens

Let your creative side loose with the Tadkin Ultimate Gel Pen collection. This one-of-a-kind pen pack offers 100 fine tip gel pens, each with a unique color of vibrant gel ink. Never lose your pens again. The Ultimate Gel Pen collection comes complete with a simple and convenient carry case to allow for easy transport and storage.

Color variations include an assortment of milky pastels, standard bold, ultra bright neon, crisp metallic, bold glitter and bright glitter ink.

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Tadkin Office Chair Wheels

Hate how difficult it is to roll your office chair when you need to move around the room? Standard office chair caster wheels tend to get stuck often, especially as they age. Considering how much time we spend sitting on an office chair, it's madness to keep torturing ourselves with poorly functioning equipment.

Based on rollerblade wheels, the Tadkin Office Chair Caster Set allows your chair to glide across all surfaces more quickly and smoothly.

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